A Family owned and operated CSA farm serving central South Carolina

Gruber Farm offers two annual seasons:
Spring Season (April to July)
Fall Season (late August to late November)
Each seasonal share consists of 10 consecutive weekly boxes of fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce. The boxes will be delivered to one of our drop locations that you select.

We grow a wide range of seasonal produce so you won't be disappointed with the selection. We service South Carolina from the Low Country to Columbia and have many convenient drop locations for you to select from. We encourage you to sign up for a season and give us a try. Sign up online or you can call Stanley Gruber at 843-563-1159 or Susan G. Kirlin at 843-693-7069

Program Options and How CSA Works:
When you become a member of Gruber Farms CSA program you invest your money in seasonal vegetables and fruits. Nothing shall interfere with your regular weekly order unless it is unpreventable. Sharing this weekly farm fresh produce will present you with benefits of convenience and taste that will certainly make you realize how lucky you are to be a part of such a fresh new idea.