News from the farm:  We are busy planning and planting for our upcoming spring/summer 2019 CSA season. Our scheduled first week of delivery is April 22nd so it is time to get your name on our delivery list.  This year we are prepared to make it an even more exciting season and it is important to get your signup in as soon as possible.
Our strawberry crop looks great and is such a nice fruit to watch during the winter months in anticipation of the great taste we are known for.  Seeds are sown and plants are planted as we work towards the arrival of our variety of local fresh fruits and vegetables we deliver from our farm to your family.
Gruber CSA Farm is a family owned and operated farm and has grown and provided tasteful, local, fresh vegetables and fruits to the community since 1948 and we remain proud of our heritage.

Don’t hesitate to get signed up on our website (grubercsafarm.com) or mail a check to:

Stanley Gruber, 265 Old Bell Road, St. George, SC 29477.

Please include all contact information and pick up location.
Check out our many convenient locations to pick up your delivery once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.
We are proud to offer another year at our continued low price.

    Small –      ½ bushel box –  1 to 2 people –   $275
    Medium –  ¾ bushel box –  3 to 4 people –  $385
    Large –         1 bushel box –  5 to 6 people –  $495

Remember we work with you on vacations, etc.  We are open to suggestions of other drop locations so please keep us in mind and spread the word for us.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Stanley Gruber –  843-563-1159 and Susan Gruber Kirlin – 843-693-7069